sewing trade schoolSewing Trade School

Into 2010, The Burkett family founded the Sewing trade school in Mexico: “Sewing for Souls.” We had really begin seeking the Lord about how we could better help the women that are in the villages of Mexico where we presently work. The women there need to learn a trade so that they can better provide for their children and families. We have found that this is a great blessing for the women. Many of the ladies when they first start class the first week of September,  they do not even know how to thread the needle on the sewing machine. After 9 months of classroom instruction, the end of May the ladies are ready to graduate. We then donate a new sewing machine so that they can begin making clothing for themselves and family members. Also they are able to get better jobs in factories in the city which enables them to make a better salary than before. The cost of each sewing machine runs approximately 75/$100. This ministry has graduated more than 80 women in just the five years that we began. With each lady that joins the program. We take time each day to pray and witness and have devotions before class starts. The exciting thing about the class is not only do the women learn how to sew, but we have  nearly 100% success rate of salvation’s for each lady. Our obvious goal,  to win the lost at any cost. Pastor Burkett explains “its wonderful to see the quality of life that is better for each lady both physically and spiritually!”