About Faith Missions Ministries

Faith Missions MinistriesFounder: Rev. Harold Burkett

In 1981, Faith Missions Ministries was founded by Rev. Harold Burkett.  After pastoring for 23 years the Spirit of the Lord dealt with Rev. Burkett to begin missionary work in Honduras, then later traveling to Belize and Haiti. He has now presently preached the gospel for 53 years, constructed 4 churches and conducted hundreds of crusades across Central America. He married his beautiful wife Brenda and they raised 4 children.

Pastor David Burkett

David, Harold Burkett’s oldest, married his wife Amy in 1987. They have five children. After receiving the call to the ministry, God begin to deal with their hearts in 1994, calling them to the full-time mission field in Mexico. In 1997 they moved their family from the state of Alabama into the country of Mexico to Live and work.

After attending The Calvary Ministerial Institute in El Carmen Mexico, they begin their ministry in the state of Veracruz, and Lived in Oaxaca Mexico for six years. During that time conducting open-air crusades with a prophetic film ministry with emphasis on winning souls to the kingdom of God. Pastor David Burkett and his family have traveled to many villages in the mountains preaching and teaching the gospel to the indigenous people.

Win the lost at any cost.

The Burketts have witness thousands of souls coming to Jesus Christ. The motto for the ministry has always been to “win the lost at any cost.”

After relocating to Work in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, they began to build homes for needy families  in the villages outside Nuevo Laredo. Most of these families have no electricity, no running water, and no sewage. The conditions are very difficult. God then impressed on Pastor David’s heart telling him that building homes for these families would be a vehicle to win many SOULS.  80% of each household receives Christ as Savior.

David explains that by building them a home, we win the confidence of the people. They will listen to the Gospel we  preach. Presently, the ministry has constructed 382 homes in Mexico. We are very humbled to witness God working so closely in our lives and using the many partners of Faith Missions Ministries. The Burkett’s recognize that without the help of God and the prayers and financial support of their partners none of this would have been possible. Feeding the hungry has always been a large part of the ministry. In 2006, the ministry began to construct a kitchen and warehouse in the village of Blanca Navidad. We began providing hot meals and distributing beans and rice to approximately 200 families in the local village. Each week services are held in the new church that was recently constructed through the FAITH PARTNERS of the ministry.

Most recently in June 2015, A groundbreaking ceremony marked the beginning of the new construction of an orphanage in Mexico.

Casa Hogar “Emanuel”

The children of Mexico are very special to the Burketts. A few years ago the Burketts started a very active sewing trade school, where women from the local village and surrounding areas come and take classes, learning how to sew. After one year of instruction, they are then ready to graduate. The ministry provides one free sewing machine to each lady. This provides a way for the woman to make a living for her household. The Burketts have truly seen the hand of God in a powerful way in their lives and ministry. They welcome churches and other mission teams to come and be a part of what God is doing in Mexico. They encourage you to make your plans today for a mission trip to Mexico.
God bless you.
Dios le bendiga.